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Pensions legislation is evolving quickly but that doesn’t mean it has to be expensive or complicated.

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If you want to concentrate on running your business rather than getting tied down with the ever-changing world of payroll, look no further than our bespoke payroll service.

Our outsourced payroll service can not only save you money on in-house payroll software and payroll staff but can also provide constant cover – cutting out the headache of having to find sickness and holiday cover.

Most of our monthly packages have payroll included. And the best bit? Switching to EVE is as easy as can be. We will make sure that the transition is swift and seamless.

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The laws around pensions changed in 2008 and it’s now every employer’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with their Auto Enrolment requirements. Should you fail to comply with your given staging date, large fines can be imposed on you.

Here at EVE, our leading accountants in Bolton are always on hand to provide extensive support for your company pension schemes, ensuring that you are fully compliant with auto-enrolment.

We have several partners who can visit you and provide you with as much information as you require. Once you have chosen the correct pension provider – with our support – we will take care of all the administration, easing the burden for you.

So, if you’d like to receive some free advice, why not get in touch? We will be more than happy to help you get started on the journey to ensuring you are 100% compliant. Either call 0330 127 3184 or email

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Payroll & Pensions FAQ’s

Accordion Sample DescriptionWhilst it’s perfectly possible to set up tax, PAYE, and National Insurance for your limited company, seeking advice and support from professionals can be beneficial in more ways than one. Here are just a few reasons why you should consider outsourcing your payroll and pensions: • Cost – not all businesses can afford to have an in-house payroll function, and outsourcing it can save money on software, training, printing, distributing payslips, etc. • Experience – any good payroll service provider will have a wealth of experience and know the ins and outs of payroll-related tax laws and the latest legislation. They’ll also have access to a wider team with varied knowledge regarding pensions. • Accuracy – when mistakes happen, you may be faced with stress and disgruntled staff, but this is unlikely when you employ a competent team to take care of your payroll and pension schemes. • Speed – handing over the responsibility to a professional will give you the peace of mind that complex tasks are completed efficiently – meaning no one needs to wait too long to be paid! • Reliability – when the payroll is managed in-house, the output, speed, and quality will vary depending on the person carrying out the function, whereas outsourcing will ensure it’s done quickly and correctly.
Typically, the price you will pay to outsource your payroll depends on the number of staff you employ and the frequency with which you pay them. As a general rule of thumb, a fully managed payroll service costs between £4-£6 per employee per month for small businesses with up to 10 members of staff. The individual cost is usually lower for larger workforces. It’s worth noting that some providers may charge an initial setup fee and auto-enrolment fee for pension schemes, but here at EVE we pride ourselves on competitive pricing and ensure no hidden fees. To discuss your requirements with one of our accountants and find out how much it will cost you to outsource your payroll and other accounting functions to us, call 0330 127 3184.
There are various regulations and complex administration tasks involved with auto-enrolment, and more companies are choosing to outsource their pension schemes to an external provider, like us at EVE. With some of the most experienced accountants in Bolton on our team, we can: • answer any of your questions and queries related to staging dates, employee entitlement, and employer’s contributions • ensure you receive the financial help you need when choosing a pension scheme for employees • make sure that your employee and employer contributions are paid and deducted correctly Updating pension data records manually can also be a time-consuming job for the payroll department to manage. However, outsourcing can be a smart move for businesses that don’t have the staff, tools, or time to do this in-house. Our experts will be more than happy to help with calculating holiday pay, Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP), and Statutory Sick Pay (SSP). We can also deduct national insurance, income tax, and pension contributions accordingly, submitting real-time data to HMRC on payday, so you can trust that your payroll is in safe hands with us. For more information about our pension and payroll services, get in touch today.